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  • When can we start planning events again?
    The planning process should start early, especially for weddings and big celebrations! Due to the backlog of events that were postponed, it's important to nail down date/services sooner rather than later. We all know that there might be some changes to the usual way of producing events, but we are very active in staying current in regard to safety and we are working on creative solutions to provide you and your guests with an exceptional experience.
  • Are you planning on changing the way you present and serve food?
    Our recommendation at this time is to consider a served meal format rather than stations or a buffet. We have also been experimenting with new and exciting ways of presenting food in safe covered containers ranging from miniature passed items to individually packaged meals.
  • How are you setting up rooms/tables to have appropriate social distancing?
    We will be working with you and your event location to optimize all social distancing according to CDC guidelines.
  • Can you accommodate the dietary needs of our guests should they have special diet needs such as gluten-free restrictions or specific food allergies?
    Absolutely! Please let us know of any restrictions prior to the event so that our culinary team can be prepared with the appropriate food items.
  • Do you offer food tastings?
    Yes, please inquire about the various options for tastings.
  • When do you need finalized menu choices and guest count?
    The final guest count and menu choices are due (10) business days prior to your event. After this time, we can always increase the guest count or add to the program.
  • How do you handle last minute requests?
    If there are any last minute changes to the program, please call your catering manager asap. We will do our best to accommodate and make the necessary changes for you!
  • Do you offer children’s meals?
    Of course! Please let your catering manager know if you would like us to provide “kid-friendly” food at your event. We are happy to provide you with some menu suggestions.
  • Do you provide vendor meals and if so how much do they cost?
    Yes – please let your catering manager know prior to the event how many vendor meals are needed. Vendor meals are offered for a minimal charge.
  • Are you a kosher caterer?
    While we are not a kosher caterer, we have relationships with the best kosher caterers and restaurants. If requested, we will work with one of our kosher catering partners to accommodate your needs for kosher meals.
  • Can we provide the alcohol, and you provide the bar labor?"
    Yes, clients may provide the alcohol if they would like. Palm Beach Catering can provide a “mixer package”, which includes all of the other necessary components of the bar (soft drinks, mixers, water, bar garnishes, ice, bar equipment and bartenders). By using Palm Beach Caterings staff for the bar/beverage service, your event is covered by our liquor liability insurance.
  • Are you licensed in Florida with health permits and liability insurance?
    Yes, copies of coverage available upon request.
  • Are you licensed to serve alcohol?
    Yes, copies of license available upon request.
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